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Hello, October! Bright Copper Eyes

So , my favourite month is finally here! My birthday, Halloween, pumpkin spice and, of course, the beautiful autumnal colours: red, orange and brown. One reason why I’m in love with this perfect season is that I get to experiment with these rich warm tones in my makeup and today I have created this copper eye look to share with you, so let’s get started!

Please excuse my camera skills here and I’m no makeup artist so it’s far from perfect! (I’m also aware of the state of my eyebrows) To create this look I used my favourite palette at the moment, the Morphe 35O.  This palette is so season appropriate and the colours are so dreamy. I also used “Flamethrower” by Makeup Geek on the lids and the shade “Moonstone” from my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit to highlight my inner corners. I finished the look with a thin layer of eyeliner (I used Stila) and my favourite false lashes by Red Cherry #523.

I started of by priming my eyes with concealer so that the shadows have something to stick onto, giving the best outcome. I then took the first colour in the top left hand corner  which I placed all over my lid acting as a base for the rest of the shadows. I used the Zoeva “227 Luxe Soft Definer.” This is a matte cream/white shade and I always use these shades first when doing my eyeshadow. I also brought this shade all the way up to highlight my brow bone.

Secondly I took a mix of both of these colours on my Zoeva “221 Luxe Soft Crease” brush and blended them into my crease to be the transition shade. This is an important step as it helps the rest of the colours blend easily. The first shade is the third from the right on the top row and is a matte tan colour (this is a perfect transition shade!) the second shade is furthest to the right on the second row and is a very light orange matte shade, I added this in to warm the look up as I was going for a very bold orange look!

For the main crease colour I took this shade furthest to the right on the third row of the palette. This is a bright orangey/red matte shadow which I am really loving this season. I used the same 221 brush and buffed this into the crease. However, I did not take this shadow as far up as the previous transition shades. The key with this is to keep blending because this shadow is so bold and the pigmentation is crazy!

The next shadow I used is this beautiful reddish/brown matte shade again furthest to the right of the palette and the fourth row down (you can see what my favourite side of the palette is!) I took the Zoeva “231 Luxe Petite Crease” brush and focused this shadow in the outer corners of my eye to deepen the look. I tried to use very little of this shade as I didn’t want to cancel out any of the orange. I also took this shadow and blended it on the lower lash line.To do this I used the Zoeva “230 Luxe Pencil” brush.

The star of the show is this incredibly flawless shadow by Makeup Geek! This is in the foiled eyeshadow collection and is the shade “Flamethrower”,a beautiful metallic copper shade. However, the colour in the bottom right hand corner of the Morphe palette is almost identical so that would work to! I personally just preferred the Makeup Geek shadow as it’s foiled and therefore you do not need to use Mac Fix Plus for a metallic finish. I took this shade on my Zoeva “232 Luxe Classic Shader” and patted it all over the lid.

Lastly, I took my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in “Sundipped”. I used the shade “Moonstone” (my all time favourite highlighter!!!) on the Zoeva 238 “Luxe Precise Shader” brush and dabbed this in the inner corner of my eyes to highlight.

To finish the eye look I took my Stila Stay All Day eyeliner and my favourite pair of everyday lashes – Red Cherry in number 523.

I have to admit with an eye look as bold as this I found it difficult trying to find a lipstick which would work well. I found that a lot of my nude lipsticks clashed so I went with my go-to gloss by Kylie Cosmetics in “Literally” as this never lets me down!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Xoxo Mollie


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