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My “Go To” Everyday Makeup 

Hey everyone, after feeling a little uninspired on what to blog recently I thought I’d do something simple such as what I wear on my face on a daily basis. I was hesistant at first to do this as I like to change up my makeup a lot, especially my eyes and lips. However, recently I have been going for this look when I’m not really sure what makeup to do and want something natural.


As you can see there’s not too many face products as you would have seen in the makeup looks I blog. There’s not a primer, which I know is bad but it’s honestly something I always forget to do and skip when I’m running late. There’s no blush either as I very rarely use this – even if I’m doing a full face!

Foundation – Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in “Fair 3”

This is the only foundation I’m really ever wearing at the moment as my skin is currently problematic and this gives a full but natural coverage!

Concealer – Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in “Vanilla”

Powder – Rimmel London Stay Matte in “Transparent”

Bronzer – Benefit Hoola 

I use this simply just to add colour to my face as I dislike this bronzer for contouring and again, I don’t contour everyday (even though I probably should as my face resembles the moon.)

Highlight – Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

My highlight changes a lot but I have recently been loving the “glow from within” which I get from this Sleek palette. I use a mixture of the cream shades but “Platinum” is my favourite. Sorry I haven’t shown the inside of the palette, this is an old product I’m going back to so it looks like a mess!


Brows – Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in “Hazel”

Eyeshadow – Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette shades: “White Chocolate” as base, lid and brow bone highlight, “Salted Caramel” as transition, “Semi Sweet” in crease, “Triple Fudge” for outer corners and “Champagne Truffle” as inner corner highlight.

I don’t always use this palette as I like to try and use all of my palettes but I have recently been using this one the most! Also, I try different looks with this palette sometimes.

Eyeliner – Kylie Kyliner in “Brown”

I use the gel liner for my top winged liner and the eyeliner pencil in my waterline. I have been reaching for brown eyeliner so much recently but I do sometimes still use my black eyeliner! Also, occasionally but very rarely I won’t use any eyeliner.

Mascara – Too Faced Better Than Sex

Eyelashes – Red Cherry Lashes in “213”

I know the picture says they are “523” but they are in the wrong packaging and I didn’t realise! I won’t always wear lashes, it depends where I’m going and what I feel like but they will always be natural looking lashes and most likely to be Red Cherry “213”.


Okay, so my lips always change but it’s most likely to be a nude as that’s what I’m most comfortable with. The current nude combo I’m loving is:

Lip Liner – Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in “Pillow Talk”

Lipstick- Nars Velvet Lip Glide in “Stripped”

the lipstick is great as it’s a liquid lipstick which dries more satin than matte which I’m enjoying as my lips are so dry in the cold weather! The lip liner is slightly more pink and darker than the lipstick but still works and I use it mainly as a guide as I’m terrible at applying lipsticks without liner!

So there’s what I put on my face most days when I don’t want to think about my makeup! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Xoxo Mollie



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