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My Urban Decay Naked Palette Collection

Today’s blog post is going to be on possibly the most hyped up makeup product of all time…the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. These are some of my oldest eye shadow palettes and now seem to be my least used but they are without a doubt really nice palettes. These palettes are what got me into makeup so despite how little I use them now I will always have a love for these! I have managed to collect all of them (except the Naked Basics which I don’t plan on purchasing) and in this post I will be telling you what I like and dislike in each and hopefully help anyone who is deciding on which one to get.

Urban Decay Naked Palette 

Beginning with the OG which the whole world went crazy over and for a good reason! I have had this for over a year now and received it from my friends on my 18th birthday. This palette has a colour range to die for and is suitable for day and night wear. This palette includes the very famous gold shade “Half Baked” along with many other warm toned neutrals. This palette would be great for beginners as it has all the neutrals you need and is very versatile. The palette also includes 2 great brown matte shades perfect for the transition and crease however unfortunately includes a black shimmer shade instead of a matte black which I would prefer. I would also like this palette more if it had a matte white/cream as a base shade.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 

Next is the first ever high end palette I’ve bought which was my only palette for a very long time! I therefore love this one the most for sentimental reasons. The second Naked palette is very similar to the original, containing all neutrals with the “Half Baked” shade again. However, as a whole this palette leans more towards cooler tones. Again, this is great for beginners and I would recommend either this one or the original Naked palette as they allow you to create many different looks with just one palette. Choosing between the two would be based on personal preference and you do not need both unless you want to of course! I love the shimmers in this palette however they lack matte transitions shades with “Tease” being the only one. Although, this palette has a great matte black and matte cream shade which I love.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

This is a palette I wasn’t originally intending to buy as I thought I would never use it. I finally gave in and I’m so glad I did because this is probably the one I use the most now! I have recently become a big fan of pink and rose gold shadows and I have no other palette like this one. This palette probably isn’t the best for beginners as there isn’t any neutral brown shades and its not very versatile like 1 and 2. However, if you are a makeup collector like myself or just somebody who loves pink shadows then this is the one for you! This palette includes beautiful shimmers and 2 good mattes for transition with a matte white as well. The only bad thing about this palette is that some of the lighter shades (especially “Dust”) are quite chunky and hard to work with.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Lastly, the 4th Naked palette called “Naked Smoky”. This is a palette I was obsessing over for so long and received it last Christmas. I fell in love with the glitter shades called “Radar” and “Armour”. This palette is mainly cool toned and great for smokey eyes. I wouldn’t recommend this palette for beginners as it’s more night appropriate and is not very versatile. This palette has become my least favourite of them all as I hardly ever reach for it and find it hard to create many looks with it. I feel that a matte black should have been included as this is a palette for smokey eyes but I do like that there’s 2 darker matte shades for the crease along with a skin toned shade for transition and a matte cream for a base.I also LOVE the packaging on this palette!

So there we have the very famous and loved Naked palettes! I hope this has helped for anyone thinking of purchasing one of them.Thank you for reading.

Xoxo Mollie


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