My Winter Fashion Essentials 

Hey everyone, a bit of a different post today as I wanted to include some fashion as well as makeup since I haven’t in a while. I always feel very uninspired in the winter when it comes to style as my perfect outfit would include a skirt and top or a playsuit with sandals which I obviously cannot wear in January unless I want to freeze to death! As cosy as it is, I hate having to wear so many layers as I don’t think it looks too flattering and I hate having to wear big bulky coats! However, this year I am quite happy with some of my winter wardrobe so I’d like to show you some winter clothing that I actually love wearing. These also keep me warm enough in this cold horrible British weather.

River Island Tan Suedette Faux Fur Collar Bomber Jacket – £79

Out of everything in winter, coats are what I have the most trouble with. I can never find one that I like which is practical in the winter! A practical winter coat in my opinion is one which will actually keep me warm and have a hood as it rains ALL the time in the UK! Although, I have again failed at finding a nice coat with a hood, I have found one that is very warm! This coat is a lot thicker than it may look and the faux fur inside and around the collar makes it very warm and cosy as well as stylish. This is much warmer than my grey jacket and faux leather biker jacket which I was living in last winter! This is quite pricey for a jacket like this but I feel like coats are expensive anyway and something worth spending more money on as you are going to be wearing them a lot!

Missguided Chunky Grey Cold Shoulder Turtle Neck Jumper – £20

Okay, cold shoulder is probably not the best example of an appropriate winter jumper but I really like the way it looked and wearing it with a jacket over the top keeps me warm enough. This jumper is so thick which is why it’s perfect for winter despite the cold shoulders! My winter essential really just includes any turtle neck as they are my favourite style of jumper and they keep your neck warm so very practical as well! I also tend to stick to greys and blacks in winter.

H&M Grey Scarf – £12.99

My favourite winter accessory is definitely a scarf. They are so cosy that I could wear them all day even inside! I also feel like they can put any outfit together, my style is very plain in the winter and adding a scarf makes it look 10x better! Scarfs are also fun to wear as you can wear them in different ways. Because I’m boring, my scarf is literally just plain grey but I still love how it looks with a jacket, black jeans and boots.

Timberland Wheat Nubuck Nellie Chukka Double Waterproof Boots – £120

Lastly, my most expensive but well loved purchase is my Timberland boots. Not only do I think these look so cute, they are so good for the winter! They are chunky making them useful when it’s muddy, they have great grip for icy pavements and they’re waterproof so they’re good for the rain! These boots are so easy to wear and they go with most winter outfits. They are worth all the money 100%.

So there’s not much but I am really enjoying wearing these during the cold winter months. I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading.

Xoxo Mollie.


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