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Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette & Glow Kit | Review & Swatches

I have recently picked up the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Kit after debating it for months before it launched. I had already purchased the eyeshadow palette back in May when it first launched and it’s one of my favourite palettes! I was so excited when Too Faced announced that it was returning with a whole new collection due to popular demand. Debenhams did not stock the single “Papa Don’t Peach” blush and I didn’t pick up any of the lip glosses. I will be reviewing the new glow kit as well as the eyeshadow palette as I haven’t done a review on it before and feel like I should now while it’s back in stock!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette – £39

I thought I’d begin with the eyeshadow palette as that’s the star of the whole collection. The palette is a similar style to the chocolate bar palettes except it does not include the two large highlight shades. The palette includes 18 shades in a cute ombré palette with a mirror and these shadows actually smell like peaches! This palette is very warm toned which I love and it includes many neural colours as well as some pops of colours such as the peaches, purples and an avocado green. I do personally love the colour range however, would have expected more of these peachy shades and less browns with it being a “Peach Palette”. I do like though, that this palette has a great balance of both matte and shimmer shadows.

As for the quality of these shadows, they are AMAZING. If you have any other Too Faced shadows then you’d know how great they are and these are just the same. The majority of the shadows are highly pigmented and they blend easily so you won’t be sitting there blending for hours! The only shadows which lack pigment are the mattes which have specks of glitter in them ( Candied Peach and Talk Derby To Me.)


With flash

Without flash

Left to right – Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart, Tempting, Charmed I’m Sure, Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit, Delectable.

With flash

Without flash

Left to right – White Peach, Peaches N Cream, Georgia, Caramelized, Puree, Summer Yum, Talk Derby To Me.

Too Faced Peach Glow Kit – £34

Just like the eyeshadow palette, the glow kit smells of peaches and is in the same ombré tin packaging. Again, this includes a mirror which makes it good for travelling and on the go.  

Highlighter –The highlighter in this palette is probably my favourite of the three. When I first swatched this I was very dissapointed as there was no pigment at all! You’ll see this in the swatches. However, when applied to the face it comes out more pigmented and gives a beautiful healthy glow. It is on the more subtle side of highlighters but can easily be built up. I would describe this as a peachy/ champagne colour and it reminded me a bit of Becca’s Champagne Pop.

 BlushThe blush is again, not too pigmented but applies much better on the face than it does swatched. It’s a true peachy glow which I’m obsessed with and has a slight shimmer to it but nothing obvious. I love how this looks on my face as it gives me a glow but is not chunky and looks more of a glow from within.

BronzerOut of the three, I was the most shocked about this one. When looking online as well as even looking in the palette myself, I thought this looked shimmery. I also expected this to give me a glow as it’s a “Glow Kit”. When swatched and applied to my face, this is pretty much completely matte. I actually much prefer this as I was expecting this to work more like a “bronzer topper” and with it being matte I will get much more use from it.


With flash

Without flash 

From left to right – Highlighter, Blush, Bronzer.

Overall, I love both of these products! The eyeshadow palette is very pigmented with dreamy warm tones which allows you to create many different looks. The glow kit is a great on the go face palette which gives you a pretty and natural glow. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

Xoxo Mollie


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