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My Kylie Cosmetics Collection & Swatches | What I like & Dislike

Hey everyone, today’s post is going to be about the most hyped makeup brand of 2016 – Kylie Cosmetics! I feel like everything that the Kardashians do is so over hyped but I Love Kylie Jenner and I was so desperate to try her makeup. As you can see, trying a few products has led to a pretty big collection but not all of her products I am crazy about. If you would like to see everything that I have from Kylie Cosmetics then keep on reading, I will also be giving my honest opinions on them all! Excuse some of my swatches, my lips are incredibly dry and I have reused some old swatch photos to save my lips a little.

If you are not from the U.S then you are more than likely to receive a customs charge on top of what you have already paid with shipping. This SUCKS but I would definitely say it’s worth it with some of her products!

Lip Kits – $29 (£22 roughly)

This all began with my desperation to try Candy K and Dolce K and well, I ended up collecting 5 more! I love these as you get a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner. I love this as I always find applying lipstick so hard without lining my lips first.

Lip Liners

Like – pigmented, creamy, glide on very nice

Dislike – need sharpening often and they do not sharpen nicely at all! Once sharpened the lip liner falls out of the tube !??? Lids do not fit !!!

Overall – 2/5 😦

Liquid Lipstick 

Like – pigmented, long wearing, comfortable, great application for most shades

Dislike – darker shades apply patchy and need more than one layer which can lead to it being more drying

Overall – 4/5 🙂

Dolce K 

A deep beige nude.

Candy K

A warm pinky nude.

Koko K

A pale pink. My personal FAV!!


A warm mid tone beige.

Dirty Peach

A mid tone yellow peach.


A dirty mid tone orange.


A deepened raspberry plum. Slightly patchy!


Lip liners with(top) and without flashLeft to rightkoko K, Dirty Peach, Candy K, Exposed, Dolce K, Pumpkin, Spice.

Liquid Lipsticks with(top) and without flashLeft to rightKoko K, Dirty Peach, Candy K, Exposed, Dolce K, Pumpkin, Spice.

Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick in Heir – $18 ( £14 roughly)

With(top) and without flashI only purchased 1 of Kylies metal mattes as Heir was the only one to catch my eye. If I’m honest, I probably won’t be  purchasing any more she makes unless a colour completely blows me away because these are just not good! Kylie does recommend using a lip liner underneath and I love to use either Koko K, Candy K or Dirty Peach under this colour!

Like – long wearing (if doesn’t crumble)

Dislike – sheer so needs a liner underneath, crumbles in the inner half of lip, not unbearable but not comfortable

Overall – 2/5 😦

Lip Glosses – $15 (£12 roughly)

Despite the first batch of glosses coming with a messed up brush, there’s been no issues with the brush since and I personally love this applicator! I have all 3 of her original glosses and she has since made some of her most popular lip kit shades into glosses too! As this is a gloss, it’s not long wearing but I couldn’t expect it to be! These are both great to wear alone or with a lip liner / lipstick.

Like – comfortable and not sticky, pigmented

Dislike – nothing!

Overall – 5/5 !!! 🙂


A warm mocha brown. I like to wear this over Dolce K!


A neutral mind tone nude. My favourite of them all! I like to wear this over Exposed or Dolce K.

So Cute

A pale beige. I like wearing this over Koko K or Exposed.


With(top) and without flashLeft to rightLike, Literally, So Cute.

The Koko Kollection – $40 ( £32 roughly)

The Koko Kollection is a collaboration Kylie Jenner done with her sister Khloe Kardashian. This collection contains 3 full sized matte liquid lipsticks and 1 full sized gloss. This is currently limited edition but Kylie has been bringing it back again recently!

Read above under “Lip Kits” and “Lip Glosses” to see my likes and dislikes for the liquid lipsticks and gloss.

To see my full review of the Koko Kollection click Here!

Damn Gina Gloss

A soft shimmering peachy pink gloss.


A cool yellow nude.


 A vibrant fuchsia.


A red burgundy wine. I found this shade to be patchy!


With(top) and without flashLeft to rightGorg, Damn Gina, Okurrr, Khlo$.

Kyliner Kit in Brown – $26 (£20 roughly)

With(top) and without flashLeft to righteyeliner pencil, gel liner.

The kyliner kits come with an eyeliner pencil which is great for the waterline and a cream gel liner which I like to use for my winged liner. The kit also includes a small angled eyeliner brush which is great for beginners! I was surprised how easy it was to apply as I am new to gel liner and thought I would really struggle. I honestly loved this kit so much until recently, it’s dried up much quicker than I thought! As I haven’t used gel liners before I wasn’t sure if this is normal but others are saying the same! I now find this so difficult to apply.

Eyeliner Pencil

Like – creamy, comfortable on the waterline, easy to apply, pigmented

Dislike – exactly the same problems as the lip liners that I hate!

overall – 2/5 😦

Gel Liner

Like – easy to apply (at first!!), pigmented, long wearing

Dislike – dries out very quick and crumbles

Overall – 3/5 😐

So there we have everything that I own from Kylie Cosmetics, for now at least! I love her glosses and matte liquid lipsticks but hate her metals and liners! Kylie does sell some of her liquid lipstick shades seperatly without liners but I do like getting the whole kit anyway as although I hate the liners, they are usual to have. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

Xoxo Mollie


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