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Makeup Products I don’t Rate

I have been thinking about this post for a while now, but have decided against it as the majority of the products I don’t like I throw out. However, there’s a good few which I have kept, mainly due to them being expensive so I still try and hope to make them work! So yeah, because of this there is no drugstore makeup in this post. I called this “Makeup Products I Don’t Rate” rather than “Makeup I Dislike” because some of these products aren’t terrible, just not good in my opinion. Please don’t be offended if some of these products are your holy grails because everyone is different and these just didn’t work for me! People have different skin tones, types and of course, personal preferences. If you’re interested on what products didn’t work out for me, keep on reading.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation – £31

To begin with complexion, this is the one foundation I really dislike. I bought this all the way back in January 2016 when I was struggling with acne and heard this had incredible coverage. This foundation is extremely high coverage and I felt so confident wearing it. Along with this, the foundation would not move at all, I was even able to wear it 2 days in a row without a touch up (gross I know, I fell asleep drunk and was in a massive rush the next morning!) HOWEVER, my skin is on the dry side and this was so uncomfortable to wear! This dried my skin up even more and settled in all the dry patches on my face. I also believe that this foundation is heavy and feels like a mask, it can look cakey too if you’re not careful! So overall, I’d recommend using only a little of this foundation as it goes a long way. I also would stay very clear of this if you have dry skin but could be a life saver for those who have oily skin or acne! For those interested, my shade is “Bone”.

Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter – £21.50

Benefits “shy beam” is very appropriately named as this honestly does NOTHING at all! I bought the “Dandelion” Shy beam as I thought the pale pink tint to it would bring a very pretty and natural glow to the skin. I was aware that this was a matte highlight and therefore a glow from within, but I wasn’t expecting it to look non existent on my skin. The pink doesn’t really show up on my skin at all, but maybe it would look better on darker skin tones. I wouldn’t even say this brightens my face at all either. If you want to brighten up your face without a glow, I’d personally just recommend using a concealer that’s lighter than your foundation instead.

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator “Ballerina” – £21

As you’re probably aware, Laura Geller’s Gilded Honey highlighter is one of the most hyped up highlighters on the market. However, this was out of stock for so long and I usually prefer pearl, champagne or pink highlighters to gold so I picked up “Ballerina”. I’d admit, I didn’t do much research for this and thought it appeared to be a light pink but I was wrong. The main reason I dislike this product is the fault of my own, I mistook the colour and this is actually more of a rose gold shade that’s way too dark for my natural skin tone. I therefore do not rate this product as I can’t wear it unless I’m tanned or want a stripe down my face. I also think the packaging is very cheap and ugly for a higher end highlighter! The pigment on the highlighter is good, but not anything special so I wouldn’t say these are worth the hype even with the right shade.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette -£39.50

Out of all the palettes I own, this is definitely my least favourite! As a whole, I don’t think any of the naked palettes are worth the hype, the only one I would say is worth the money is Naked 3 as it’s very different to other palettes on the market. I use to think these were so amazing but since trying out more palettes I would recommend other high end brands such as Too Faced instead. I feel the pigment isn’t amazing, particularly on the shimmer shades, they lack matte shadows and the colour range is kind of boring. Naked Smoky is by far my least favourite of them all. I find this palette hard to use on its own due to the lack of transition shades. I’m not the biggest fan of the colour range either as it’s a bit too cool toned for my liking. What I dislike about this palette the most is the shimmer shades which is actually what I had the highest hopes for with this palette. The glitter in these shadows just doesn’t show up even with plenty of MAC Fix Plus! There’s also a crazy amount of fall out.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara – £20.50

Another product from Benefit which I didn’t get on with is their “They’re Real!” mascara. I believe this is an award winning mascara and I really do not know why. I agree, this mascara did lengthen well and separated my lashes very nicely but it just didn’t look good. I don’t want to be too harsh on this product as I find it hard to find a mascara I actually like but this was honestly one of the worst mascaras I have ever used. My lashes are naturally pretty long but lack volume and I think that was the problem. Although this claims to give volume, it done the opposite in my opinion. It also claims to curl lashes which I failed to see, but I’m not too concerned about that. I’d recommend this for those looking purely for length cause it does a great job but for those who want full volume I would try something else such as Too Faced Better Than Sex!

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick “Mademoiselle” – £17.50

Despite my problems with this lipstick, I will continue to wear this as it’s a gorgeous unique shade that is perfect for summer! This is seriously the most difficult liquid lipstick to work with though. I’m unsure if the darker shades are like this but this shade applies streaky and to get the bold opaque colour it requires 2 or even 3 coats! This makes the lipstick crumble like mad and it’s the most drying liquid lipstick formula I have ever tried. I also find the shape of the applicator odd and it’s hard to apply the lipstick neatly with it. To make this work the only way is to use a lip liner all over your lips first but the colour wouldn’t be true as there’s no matching lip liner. I don’t think I could wear this for long either and it’s unbearable after a while!

So that’s it for the products that I don’t rate (except those I’ve thrown out!) sorry for the negativity but I hope you enjoyed this post anyway and found it helpful. Again, I’m sorry if you love these products, they just didn’t work out for me! Thank you for reading!

Xoxo Mollie


8 thoughts on “Makeup Products I don’t Rate

  1. I hate the naked smokes!! I saved my money for a long time, and then bought it. It was really terrible so I just gave it to a random guest that I didn’t even know that came to my house…. I think that the naked palettes are super overrated lol great post xxx

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  2. Oh wow, thanks for sharing. I’ve always felt that I didn’t need the Smoky pallet. But because I’m a huge fan of UD, I always thought I would someday purchase it!! But this was the review I needed to make up my mind about it! xoxo Sarah

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