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Anastasia Beverly Hills X Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit Review & Swatches

Today’s blog post is super exciting because it’s on the truly beautiful new glow kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Anastasia Beverly Hills have teamed up with Beauty guru Nicole Guerriero and have created an actual masterpiece! As soon as I saw this palette on Instagram I knew I would be buying it, the colour selection is to die for and by far my favourite glow kit yet. However, I have seen some mixed reviews on this palette and now that I have it myself I’d like to review it for you all. If you’re interested to hear my full opinion on this palette then keep on reading.

Price & Packaging 

Just like the 4 pan Glow Kits from Anastasia, this retails for £39 in the UK. The pan sizes are of course smaller but I am still very happy with this price as the Ultimate Glow Kit with 6 pans was around £47! Unfortunately, Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay are not intending to stock this palette however, Anastasia Beverly Hills now have a UK website with free delivery!! I believe this is still in stock both on the UK and US website and perhaps in some Sephora’s aswell but I wouldn’t hang around if you want this palette as it is limited edition.

As for the packaging, the Glow Kit is pretty much identical to all the other Glow Kits from the outside (in exception of the Ultimate Glow Kit.) As usual, the palette slides out of a cover which matches the design on the actual palette. The same ABH logo appears in black font as the others do but this palette has “NICOLE GUERRIERO” written in big holographic writing which I love! The palette is light pink with silver glitter which I think looks gorgeous. The palette includes 6 round pans but unlike the Ultimate Glow Kit, this does not include a mirror which could be a negative if you want to use it for travelling.

Shade Range & Formula

What I love most about this palette is the range of shades that are included. You can tell Nicole Guerriero has thought this out hard as they are all so stunning and there’s something for everyone! I believe if you have a medium skin tone every single shade is going to look amazing on you! There’s definitely some shades in here that will appeal to both fairer and deeper skin tones also. Of course though, whatever your skin tone, wear whatever highlighters you want to!

The formula in this is very similar to the original 4 pan Glow Kits which I am happy about but I will admit they do have the slightest bit of glitter in, unlike the older Glow Kits. Because of this they do enhance texture on your face but only slightly. I noticed this as soon as I opened the palette, I thought they looked very gritty but they swatched and applied smoothly to the face. I do not have the Ultimate Glow Kit to compare but I heard very negative reviews saying it was extremely chunky with glitter and lacked pigment. Although there is some glitter in this kit, I wouldn’t say it’s too chunky and it does have a base so it’s very pigmented and not just glitter. I would therefore say it’s probably somewhere between the original 4 pan Glow Kit formula and the Ultimate Glow Kit. This palette is extremely blinding but with a light hand can be subtle just like the other Glow Kits. The formula does vary between the shades which I will go on to explain.

Kitty Kat

The first shade in the palette is probably my favourite and is called “Kitty Kat”. It’s described as a “pink with a platinum reflect”. I think those with fair-medium skin tones are going to adore this colour! I also believe this shade appears darker in the pan than it does applied on the face. The formula to this shade is very similar to the older Glow Kits.

Forever Young

The next shade is also one of my favourites and is called “Forever Young”. This reminds me of your typical champagne highlight which are always the ones I go for. Although, on the website it’s actually described as a “pink pearl with a silver reflect”. Out of all the shades I think this is one that will look amazing on all skin tones. Again, this shade is smooth and highly pigmented like the older Glow Kits.


The most unique shade in the palette is called “Daydream”. This is described as a “coral with a white gold reflect”. I love how this shade is included as I have never seen a highlighter this shade before and I’m excited to play around with this. Because this is an orange toned highlighter it might be difficult to use but I think it would look really beautiful as a bronze glow especially on medium-dark skin tones. Unfortunately, I found this shade to be the least pigmented in the palette and found this shade to be more chunky.

Forever Lit

The next shade is called “Forever Lit” and is the most blinding in the palette. This is described as a “platinum with a lavender reflect”. This shade is also quite unique as it appears slightly holographic and the pigmentation is insane! With this shade being so light I think it will work really well with the fairest of skin tones. The formula on this shade is also really great!

Glo Getter

“Glo Getter” is described as a “champagne with a rose reflect” but I see this pretty much as a gold highlight. This would be the perfect highlight colour for medium-dark skin tones! I did find this shade to be more chunky with glitter than some of the others though.


Lastly, the darkest shade is called “143.” This is described as a “rose gold with a bronze reflect”. I will probably be using this shade the least as it’s much too dark to highlight on my fair skin but I could still use this as an eyeshadow or bronzer topper which I love! This shade would especially look beautiful on darker skin tones. Again, this unfortunately is a bit more glittery but definitely has a base so does have a lot of pigment to it!


Without flash (top) and with flash (bottom) from left to right143, Glo Getter, Forever Lit, Daydream, Forever Young, Kitty Kat

Overall Opinion

 As a whole, I’m obsessed with this palette and would say that it is worth the purchase. The pigmentation can not be faulted (in the exception of “Daydream”) and even the more glittery shades apply pretty smoothly. If you really despise glitter in your highlights I still think you could like this as it’s not very noticeable in some of the shades but you probably would prefer one of their 4 pan Glow Kits. I believe that this palette is very versatile and it should work for every skin tone.

Thank you so much fro reading. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful!

Xoxo Mollie


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  1. that is gorgeous!!! I’m just a little scared to buy it bc of the glitter. You should do a makeup tutorial – I want to see how it looks!!!!!! Great post :)xx

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