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Spring Lippies

I’m guilty of owning more lipsticks than I need and what shades I use depends highly on the season. I get so excited when spring and summer come around as I get to play around with pretty pinks, pastels and even some bold colours which are a little out of my comfort zone. Because I do have so many lipsticks, I thought I would split this into two posts, beginning with the pinks for spring and then going onto the more daring colours when summer comes around. So for now, I’ll be showing you six beautiful lipsticks which I love to wear in spring. Enjoy!

Kylie Cosmetics “KoKo K” – lip kit $29/£23 Lipstick single $17/£14

My first lipstick pick for spring is Koko K by Kylie. This is a pale pink matte liquid lipstick and my personal favourite from Kylie Cosmetics. These are a nightmare to get in the UK as you have to wait so long for delivery and then pay a customs fee! On the other hand, these are some of my favourite lipsticks and Koko k is such a beautiful pink shade for spring.

MAC Kinda Sexy – £15.50

Next, we have a matte lipstick by MAC in the shade Kinda Sexy. This is again a pale pink with a peachy undertone making it perfect for the sunny weather. Peach is one of my favourite colours for makeup so I’m really obsessed with this!

Ofra X Manny MUA Liquid Lipstick “Aries” – £11

After hearing many YouTubers hype the Ofra liquid lippies up, I was so excited to try one out as soon as Beauty Bay started selling Ofra Cosmetics. I love Manny MUA and Aries is such a pretty colour so I thought I’d try this one first. I wasn’t expecting it to be as bright and I was thinking it would be a pale pink nude but it’s actually so peachy! Definitely more on the pink side to orange though. PERFECT spring shade!

Kylie Cosmetics “Dirty Peach” – lip kit $29/£23 (singles not available for this shade)

Yet another peachy spring shade is Dirty Peach by Kylie Cosmetics. This is more of a true orange peach unlike the others that are quite pink. Because it’s more orange based, I find it more difficult to wear but I still really enjoy it! It looks great with a peachy eye to match.

NARS Audacious Lipstick “Anita” – £25

For a more comfortable, satin lip my choice is Anita by Nars. These have definitely gone up in price, I got mine last year for £23 I’m sure!! Anyway, these are worth every penny, in my opinion this is the best regular lipstick formula that I have tried. This shade is a rosy pink that looks so healthy and beautiful, especially in the sunny weather. These also make your lips look very plump!

Stila Liquid Lipstick “Patina” – £16

Lastly, we have Patina by stila. This is possibly Stila’s most famous lipstick colour and is supposed to be a dupe for Kylie’s Posie K! I really love this colour as it’s very unique but still wearable. It’s a muted purple/pink and definitely a spring/summer favourite! Stila’s liquid lipsticks are extremely long lasting too.


With (top) and without (bottom) flash, from left to rightKoko K, Kinda Sexy, Aries, Dirty Peach, Anita, Patina.

That completes my part 1 of my spring/summer lipsticks! Stay tuned as in a few months I will be posting part 2 containing bolder lipsticks for summer. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

Xoxo Mollie


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