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Hit Or Miss? Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette -Pink Sands Edition

If you’ve been on Instagram for the last couple of months then you definitely would have seen this beauty a few or a hundred times. Huda Beauty continues to blow me away with her amazing products- from flawless lashes, to lip contour to textured eyeshadows! She’s thought out of the box again and created this amazing highlight palette which features a cream and 3 powders to create the perfect 3D blinding highlight. I really wasn’t planning to buy this at first as it’s super pretty but I knew I didn’t need it. However, I still ended up joining the waiting list on Cult Beauty and I bought it as soon as I got the email, I need help! If you’re interested in my opinions of the palette then keep on reading.

Everything you need to know about the palette 

The Huda Beauty 3D Highlight palette retails for £40 and can be purchased from Cult Beauty or for $45 on the Huda Beauty Website. The palette is fairly big so I think the price is reasonable especially as you are getting 4 different highlighters. The cream shade contains 0.26oz / 7.5g of product and the powder shades each contain 0.28oz / 8g.

Huda Beauty has released 2 highlighter palettes- the Pink Sands Edition and the Golden Sands Edition. The Pink Sands is best for fair-medium skin tones whereas the Golden Sands is for medium- deep skin tones. I picked up the Pink Sands as I’m fair skinned and I really appreciate that Huda has thought about all skin tones when creating these palettes.

Both palettes have the same concept and include 4 highlighters- the melted strobe (cream), a pearlescent powder highlight, a pearlescent powder to sculpt and a pearlescent powder that can be applied as or over blush. I really love how she’s included a highlight, bronze and blush  shade so that you can do most of your face makeup with just this palette! The bronze and blush shades can also be used as highlights on their own as well. The cream shade was added to be used as a base for he powder highlighters. This is suppose to melt into your skin and although it can definitely be used on its own, by applying a powder over the top, your highlight will be popping! The inside of the palette gives you 4 steps to create your beautiful 3D highlight.


The packaging of the highlight is absolutely stunning and it definitely caught my eye! The palette slides out of a plastic cover which seems a little pointless but it’s nice to know that it has that extra protection. It’s very similar to her eyeshadow palette with the cardboard and the magnetic closure. However, unlike the cardboard on her eyeshadow palette this looks less cheap and is not as flimsy. Inside the palette the highlighters are well spread out with no extra unnecessary space. The only thing I dislike about the packaging is that there is no mirror which means you’d need to take one separate with you if you were travelling with it. Instead, it gives you steps on how to achieve your 3D highlight which is handy but I feel they could have put in a separate leaflet explaining this.

The design of the palette is also similar to the eyeshadow palette with Huda’s face on the front with her eyeshadow and highlight glowing in rose gold. I ADORE this!

Shades & Formula

Now for the important bits- what it looks like and how it works. The four shades in the palette are called Capri, Santorini, Azores and Ibiza. The cream shade is the least pigmented but this is expected as it’s a cream formula and is meant to be a base shade. It melts beautifully into the skin! All 3 powder shades are extremely pigmented and blend nicely. These can be easily built up and they do not enhance texture on your face.


The first shade is the creamy, base shade. Capri is a pale pink champagne which can also look great on its own if you want a less intense highlight.


The lightest powder highlight is what Huda recommends to put on the temples of your cheek and all the highest points of your face. Santorini is a soft pearl shade.


Azores is a light yellow gold which can be applied under your cheekbones to add dimension and shape. This can also be used over bronzer or as a highlighter on its own.


Ibiza is a pink shade with golden shimmers. This can be used over blush or on its own as a blush or highlighter.

Swatches (with flash)

From left to rightCapri, Santorini, Azores, Ibiza

Swatches (without flash) 

From left to rightCapri, Santorini, Azores, Ibiza


I can honestly say this palette is a massive HIT. I love the whole idea of this palette and the shades are both beautiful and highly pigmented. As a bonus, the packaging is pretty and you get a decent about of product. The only very small complaint is that the palette does not include a mirror which is really me picking at it. I may have not really needed it but I would 100% recommend this palette and it’s both worth the hype and worth the money!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this may have helped you and I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your opinions on this palette if you have tried it out.

Xoxo Mollie


8 thoughts on “Hit Or Miss? Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette -Pink Sands Edition

  1. These are just beautiful! I love all the shades so much, especially Capri (maybe because I have been there and adored it haha). Huda beauty is crazy expensive but you really do seem to get great quality for the money – and 4 highlighters which is pretty awesome! Great post 🙂 xxx

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